Prairie Isle Golf Course
Prairie Isle Golf Course
Prairie Isle Golf Course
Prairie Isle Golf Course
Prairie Isle Golf Course
Prairie Isle Golf Course
Prairie Isle Golf Course
Prairie Isle Golf Club
Located in Prairie Grove, Illinois

"Prairie Isle Golf Course wanders over 135 acres that also include mature woodlands, wetlands and meadows. There is a little bit of everything here, and then some."

It is a thinker’s course, asking the player to carefully weigh risk/reward and to recognize which side of the green or fairway should be favored.

It is a shot-maker’s course. When you need to hit a draw, you’ve likely got a lie for a fade.

Fun To Play

The course is simply fun to play, as nearly every tee box is well elevated giving the player a commanding view of the fairway or green below.

Solid Design

It’s a good solid design, from beginning to end, but two holes, the 12th and 13th, are clearly the most outstanding.

News & Events

 Outing Information

For outing information, please contact the Pro Shop for further details at (815) 356-0202.

Club Championship (August 22nd and 23rd)

The competition is a 36-hole stroke play event.  USGA RULES WILL APPLY.  There will be a Gross and Net Champion for each flight.  Flights will be determined when all of the participants are entered the Thursday prior to the tournament.  There will be a Men’s, Men’s Senior (55 and Older), and Women’s Division.  Men’s division will be playing from the Blue tees.  Senior Division will be playing from the White Tees.  The Women Division will be playing from the Red Tees.  Ties will be resolved with a sudden death playoff for 1st place.  All other ties will be determined by scorecard playoffs.

Three Man Scramble Tournament  (August 8th)

USGA golf rules will govern play.  Team members tee off on each hole and then decide which tee shot they like best and mark the spot with a tee or ball marker. The other players pick up their balls and places it within one scorecard length (no closer to the hole) of the marked spot. All players hit their shot from the chosen spot. This procedure is followed on every shot for the remainder of the hole, including putts. The ball should be marked on the putting green also. Putts need to be made within 6 inches of the marked spot (no closer to the hole). The first ball to go in the hole is counted for the team score. If the ball you choose to play is in a hazard (sand, water, etc.), or in the rough, you cannot drop the ball outside of the hazard or rough even if relief is within one scorecard length away. Men will always tee off from the blue tees. Women may tee off from the red tees. 

Player Development Opportunities

New for this year, Golfers will have the opportunity to attend free 30 minute clinics on a weekly basis.  The clinics will consist of Putting, Chipping, Pitching, Full Swing and Driving.  Full Swing and Driving Clinics will be held at our sister course, Boone Creek.  There will also be Women Only and Junior Only Clinics as well.  The information on the Clinics will be posted throughout the Clubhouse.

"Wine and Nine"
Calling all Couples to the First Tee.

Starting Friday, May 1st, Prairie Isle will be hosting Couples golf after 4:00pm.  Each couple will receive a complimentary glass of wine or draft beer after concluding their nine holes of golf.  What better way to start off your weekend than with a quick nine holes and a complimentary drink.  Come on out and take advantage of this great opportunity to meet new couples in the area.  Please make a Tee Time if you are planning on attending these get togethers. This program will take place every Friday throughout the year unless there is an outing conflict.